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No need to be stranded. No need to hire different professionals to fix those minor and major issues. We’ve got all the professionals under one roof to meet all your expectations right from small to large projects. Contact our handyman today to get your free quotes!

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    If you're looking for an experienced and trustworthy handyman in Luton to help repair or remodel your home, or you recently moved into a new apartment and you want to make a few alterations, don't look beyond us at AB Handyman Luton. We are Luton's leading handyman service and our reputation of excellence has been forged through several years of exceptional service delivery and consummate customer satisfaction.

    Our handyman team is made up of seasoned and well-trained professionals across multiple fields, ensuring that everything you need can be found under one roof. In addition to being skilled and efficient, our workers make a point of keeping you in the loop at all times, to ensure that your targets are met with exacting precision.

    One thing that stands us apart from others is our unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations. That's why we boast one of the quickest response and turnaround times in the industry. We also deliver top-notch service every single time, irrespective of the scale of your projects, at rates that won't leave a hole in your pocket. 

    Get all your deck installation and maintenance needs met when you work with handyman in Luton. We can help you construct a deck or patio from scratch or repair an existing one. We are also accomplished at deck staining and power washing, to achieve the deck of your dreams. Contact AB Handyman today for free estimate!

    Our experienced workmen will craft any number or type of wooden fixtures and furniture for your home including cabinets, walk-in closets, countertops, lounges, chaises and patios. No matter the complexity or uniqueness of your need, we've got you covered.

    If you're looking to build a new fence, any type of fence, or reinforce the structural integrity of an existing fence, for both residential and commercial properties, let us know.

    We can handle both residential and commercial buildings painting jobs. Inject your structure with more verve by engaging AB Handyman Luton painting services.

    Infuse your home with a welcoming ambience when you make use of handyman Luton landscaping services. Our paving, stone craft, gardening, artificial turf and landscaping, bricklaying and steps construction solutions are guaranteed to make your lawn the envy of the whole neighbourhood.

    Do you want your furniture and other fixtures to more closely reflect your personality? Let’s make it happen for you. We will create furniture tailored to your specific requirements. You just inform us of your required size, colour, design and texture and we’ll bring your vision to life.

    It's better to let our workmen handle this task for you. We'll execute your wood flooring project from inception to conclusion, with excellent results. We've got it down to an art, and we can deliver a flawless job no matter what design you have in mind, or the type of wood we're working with.

    Contact our handyman services for your rewiring, electric repairs, switch installation and light replacement job. Our experienced workmen can handle any electric tasks around your home, irrespective of scale or complexity.

    Why Use Choose Handyman in Luton?


    Local Handyman are fully insured with public liability insurance can cover a wide variety of odd jobs. From bathroom installations to outdoor lighting, installing a door lock requires the right tools with excellent service. A new garage door or a new window are both good examples of needing local handyman. Here is a full list of handyman services you can get from a skilled contractor.

    Installation. Local Handyman service in Luton list can also includes some odd jobs like installation of exterior doors, such as garage doors and patio doors. Sometimes, a simple screwdriver will not do the trick when it comes to installing exterior doors, so an experienced handyman is needed for this type of work. 

    For less minor damage, such as loose carpet threads, tapeworms, or ripped carpeting, most handymen are able to fix these problems on their own. These handyman are fully insured with public liability insurance which is necessary for local businesses.